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CONFidence is an international infosecurity conference that originated in 2005 in Poland. We deliver practical, deep-dive technical knowledge for infosec specialists, developers, managers, bankers, and governmental representatives.

Every legend has to do something good for people, so it is time for us to do something special! To celebrate our 20th edition, we decided to give you a present!

CONFidence LEGENDS will be FOR FREE!

So feel invited to the CONFidence LEGENDS which will take place on the 7-8 September 2021!

What do we offer?

• NEW STREAMING PLATFORM - We are using the new streaming platform. Register, watch and meet in Eventory app.

• TOP CLASS SPEAKERS - Meet your favorite experts from our previous editions. Get to know new problems and solutions in cybersec.

• Q&A SESSIONS - After the lecture, are you still wondering about something? Ask a question on our stream chat and get an answer.

• FREE PASSES - To celebrate our 20th edition, we decided to give you a present CONFidence Online 2021 will be for free!

• NETWORKING AREA - Chat with other participants and get to know their opinion about the issues raised.

• CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE - It will allow you to apply for points necessary for an expert certificate in the field of ICT security.

The FREE registration has already started, you can register here  

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7-8 września 2021r., wydarzenie darmowe dla wszystkich, wystarczy zarejestrować się na wydarzenie, wydarzenie odbywa się w języku angielskim.